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Teaching Supervision

The teaching supervision system is the important approach and measure to strengthen the teaching management, to fulfill the monitor system of teaching quality, and to improve the teaching quality. For years, WNU has stressed on the construction of teaching supervision system and there are 8-10 members of teaching supervision team, who are selected from the retired exports, professors, cadres of teaching management. The team, involved in the daily teaching management, checking, understanding and valuing the teachers’ teaching attitude, arrangement, approaches and results, and the students’ learning attitude, disciplines and results as well, further enhances the teachers to correct teaching attitude, familiarize the teaching affairs, standardize the teaching process, promote the teaching approaches and improve the teaching quality. Meanwhile, it is to reinforce the students to abide by the laws and regulations, and to study industriously, in order to promote the teaching quality of WNU. Hence, the teaching supervision system established for years has achieved a lot. Additionally, the schools and colleges have made great efforts to exert the experts’ and professors’ valuable experiences to promote the young teachers’ development.