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Students’ Scientific Activity

WNU has laid too much stress on the ability education of college students’ scientific creation and has established a cultivation mode, that is, on the foundation of basic teaching, driven by practical teaching, impacted by scientific aura, forged by scientific contests, improved by scientific societies and clubs and promoted by top forums. In recent years, the students achieved the second prizes in 5 items in Mathematical Modeling Contest of China for college students, the first prize and the second prize in Electricity Design Contest of China for college students, the second prizes in 6 items and the third prizes in 4 items in Multimedia Courseware Making Contest of China, the second prizes in over 20 items in ITAT (Information Technology Application Training) of China, the first prize in 2 items and the third prize in Contest for College Students Employment Design and the Sand Table Stimulation of Operation in China, and the second prize and the third prizes in 2 items Marketing Contest for college students in China. Furthermore, WNU has started Hundred Creating Projects for college students periodically, to promote the college students’ ability of creative spirit and practice ability.